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A lost Saskatchewan pirate whose early influences of Kubrick and Cartier-Bresson informed his early career through advertising and news-gathering until sharpening his own personal docu-style methodology and storytelling style.

​Understanding the subjects and topics of Kevin's work is essential for him to meaningfully represent the voice of his subjects. To craft a message anyone can hear while capturing the earnest and languid moments of daily life.

His breadth of knowledge, life experiences, and curious fascination with mashing technology helps to heighten Kevin's intuition when he's behind the camera.

Different Alphabet Productions was created by Kevin Kirkpatrick in 2017.


The company's mission statement is "To translate complex ideas into compelling visual stories. To help communities, organizations, and companies share inspiring stories that create meaningful action."

Kevin is a photographer and video producer known for his keen eye and strong storytelling abilities.


Upon developing his visual style in the open skies of rural prairie, he studied Film and Video Production at the Southern Alberta institute of Technology before world travel and video gigs led him back to live and work in Calgary for the next ten years.

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